RISOTTO WITH LOBSTER. My favorite Italian Recipe

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My daughter and husband and first grandchild Luke aka Luca just moved four days ago to Naples Italy for a two year assignment with the Navy.

Love your recipes! Thank you. What a great looking pot. Your roasted vegetable strudel and Italian meatloaf are staples in our home. This pot is gorgeous!!!

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I have a tea kettle made by the same company. It will last me a life time. Thanks for all your recipes. As has become a tradition, I will be making your Italian fig, date fruit cookies for Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Beautiful pot! I visited their web site and WOW! Recipe looks like another benchmark what all others goals should be the gold standard, perfection in cuisine.

Merry Christmas to all and Bon Appitite! We love risotto! We love this blog! We would love this pot. Know my risotto would be better with this pot. Thank you for the opportunity. Your risotto looks amazing! I would love to recreate it using this pot, if I am selected as the winner! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful give-a-way! Christmas Eve risotto……perfect! I know when I see now E if your recipes it will be phenomenol!!! As alwAys I look forward to all!

Would love to win this give away. It is one of my favorite dishes at restaurants. The pot in the giveaway looks like a winner and I hope I am too! I think making risotto is calming and theraputic. Something in life that refuses to be rushed. Your lobster risotto will make a wonderful New Years Day dinner. The pot is so amazing. I have never seen anything like it; it would make even plain oatmeal look delicious.

I have only ever had risotto in a restaurant, but I keep promising myself I will learn to make it at home. I hope to win this beautiful pot. This recipe looks like the one to get started with. Ooh, Marie…what a treat! Risotto is one of my very favorite comfort foods. Risotto is my go — to dish when I want to impress my guests. It would be even more impressive when cooked and served in this magnificent risotto pot!

Thanks for another great recipe, Marie! This risotto looks awesome. What a wonderful meal for the holidays! Thank you so much for the recipe. The pot looks beautiful too. Love risotto, and this one looks especially good! What a great idea for Christmas Eve! Thanks for the wonderful post, Marie! This is a wonderful sounding recipe. I was going to do lobster mac and cheese for Christmas Eve, but I think this sounds so much better.

Thanks for sharing. Please enter my name in the pot give a way. I do hope I win!!!! Not this time! What a delightful sounding recipe. I would love to have a risotto pan and I would definitely try the recipe. I so look forward to receiving your emails and enjoy trying to make each recipe. I dream of going to Italy one day and as I create each new menu I feel closer and closer to getting there. Since risotto is a favorite of mine this recipe is sure to be enjoyed regularly.

How wonderful it would be to have a real risotto pot to prepare it in. Made shrimp risotto for my husbands family this summer and they loved it!! They never had risotto before. Wait till they see this for Christmas Eve!! This recipe came at the perfect time! I was searching for a seafood Christmas Eve dish and this popped up in my email! You made my night! Love the pot too! I love risotto but not mine! Maybe i can blame it on the wrong pan! I also loved the tip of enhancing store bought stock with the shrimp.

Great idea!! A great Italian cook, her mouth watering risotto recipe, and a chance to win that beautiful Italian Risotto Pot. Thank you for your recipes all year long. With 30 people to wow on Christmas Eve, this is now the star of the night!!! So elegant and I can already see adding some more seafood to it so that it will be one of the courses. Thanks again for a beautiful recipe and Merry Christmas! Risotto is a dish my family loves. Using your recipe and this beautiful risotto pan would awesome!

Thank you for the great seafood recipe and the chance to win this beautiful high quality cookware. Using your recipe and this beautiful risotto pan would be awesome! The recipe looks scrumptious and I always hate to make risotto because you have to stir it almost constantly. Glad to hear that the beautiful and useful pot helps to cut down on the stirring and still ends up being moist and delicious.

What a wonderful Christmas recipe; thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Jo Caulkinsy What a wonderful Christmas gift to me! Looks fabulous. Love risotto! I would love the oppertunity to try your risotto recipe in this beautiful Lagostina risotto pan. Happy Holidays and keep sending me those beautiful, colorful and amazing recipe. This looks delishes!!! I can smell the aroma of garlic and butter and parsley!!! The shimp, lobster, scallops and arborio rice make it complete!!! The Lagostina risotto pot looks the the perfect container for putting it all togerther!!!

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I never know what to expect except perfection from your site. Every recipe I have made has always been delicious and easy to follow. This seafood risotto sounds wonderful. I gave it a rating of 5 starts based on ease to prepare, ingredients and, of course, the beautiful Risotto pot. No matter what, from henceforth, my risottos will be cooked in this pot. I would love to add this piece of functional art to my collection of necessities. Please keep the recipes coming.

Merry Christmas and thank you for giving readers the opportunity to receive this beautiful pot. I made the risotto in my heavy duty fancy French-named pot and it was delicious. I ate it for lunch and then again for dinner. If this risotto pot makes it even more delicious… oh, I do so want one!

I love your recipes and this one is exactly what I have been waiting for! My friends and family will be so impressed. I can not wait to make this! My family will love this recipe. This recipe is divine! What a perfect solution for my family this Christmas as one of my sons has Celiac disease and this is something he can eat!!!! The pot is exquisite and deserves to sit on the stove at all times to be seen! Beautiful looking dish. Definitely comfort food anytime of the year.

It looks delicious! But then again everything you post does. I showed my husband the recipe and now he wants me to make it for Christmas eve. But I need the pot! Buon Natale. Your pot makes it look easier. Great giveaway! Love your blog. Love this recipe. Interested in the pot. My last name is Rice if that helps.

Kidding , kidding. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I live on Cape Cod, so seafood risotto is a great way to use our bounty of fish and seafood — that recipe looks delicious!! And what a gorgeous pot; thank you for the chance to win. Oh wow — my mouth is watering……I want to jump in and start eating….. I always enjoy seeing how creative you are….

Thanks for always brightening my day! This risotto recipe looks delicious. I am enjoying many of the recipes you post. Happy Holidays Everybody! This looks amazing!!! I would love to try and make it in that beautiful pot. Love your blog!!!!! The recipe and the pot looks amazing, I will try this recipe soon. I love getting your emails, recipes and trying them. I make risotto all the time, my Grandma was from Milan. My family really enjoys it. Would love to win this pan. I would love to have that for my pasta and calamari on Christmas Eve.

Why does my comments keep coming up that it is a duplicate when it is not The recipe looks amazing and look forward to trying this on Christmas eve. The beautiful risotto pot would be a wonderful addition especially for my birthday the same week. Congratulations on your new Risotto pot! This recipe looks fabulous.

What a wonderful way to begin ! What a beautiful aaarisotto. And what a relly superb step by step. Brava The pot looks like a real winner — good luck to all! I have always been intimidated by risotto, but I am inspired to try this recipe. I would love that risotto pot to bolster my courage. Recipe, ingredients, and cookware — first class quality throughout! The risotto pot would be a delight for a serious cook and a huge help for the beginner — thanks for giving us the opportunity to dream during this wonderful season of hope. The recipe will go into use no later than next weekend — will just have to manage with the old work-horse pot and dream of elegance as I stir.

The Lagostino cookware are works of art! The recipe is a classic, it will make me a cooking legend in the eyes of my family! Merry Christmas, enjoy family, and relish them. Thanks for introducing me to this line of cookware! I had never heard of it before. This particular pot is stunning. I would love to win this pot.

Will make risotto tomorrow so I will be in good practice for when the risotto pot arrives! Love your site, love your recipes and chatter. Your seafood risotto looks amazing! Thank you for your recipes! Three of my favorite things: lobster, risotto, and beautiful cookware! Thank you for this post; this recipe looks amazing and not too difficult! This reminds me of the dishes my Italian grandmother used to make at the holidays. Sadly, she kept all of her recipes in her head and they died with her.

Thank you for sharing all of your recipes. I have enjoyed many of them!! But this recipe and the gorgeous pot beckon me… I may step out of my kitchen comfort zone and go for it. Life is too short not to be adventurous in the kitchen. Thank you Marie and Lagostino for the inspiration! The big question is: Do I dare try it for Christmas Eve? I just might! I love risotto and I usually make it with mushrooms, rarely deviating.

I am so excited to try this one!!!! Also, want to make it in the Risotto Pot. The pan is beautiful and the lid makes it even more so. Your recipe looks fantastic. Hi Marie! Love risotto and this is a lovely pot and a lovely giveaway! Happy Holidays and thank you! This will definitely be my Christmas eve risotto!!! Have followed your blog and been inspired for years. Thanks so much. The pot is gorgeous and would make a lovely gift since my birthday is on christmas! The first time I had risotto it was it was seafood.

Your recipe will be perfect for New Years Eve! The risotto looks wonderful! Also would love to make it int he Risotto Pot! I have Lagostina pots that are twenty- five years old! I still use them , great product. My husband and I had many different risottos while in Lake Como, Italy a few years back. Merry Christmas1. They last forever, love to try the new risotto pot. That Risotto pot is so beautiful it make my mouth water.

This looks wonderful! My husband is half Italian so we try to do seafood for Christmas Eve. I now have my recipe. Oh my heavens — I saw that pot and my heart started palpitating and then when I spied the risotto!! WOW I started drooling all over the keyboard. This recipe would be perfect for celebrating that milestone.

We are such homebodies we rarely go out for dinner, perhaps a lunch now and the. But dinners are our time to relax, sip on some wine and cook together. Thank you Marie, for the opportunity to win the risotto pot but most importantly that special recipe. Buona giornata!! Your recipe reaches right out to my cajun roots …it looks delicious! I like using risotto with my chicken and spicy cajun sausage jambalaya-type dish too. Would love to cook some broccoli and rice, spanish rice or chicken and rice in it.

What a beautiful pot. We love risotto so this would be used a lot. I am overwhelmed about how gorgeous it is. First, that risotto looks amazing! I am pinning this recipe! Thank you for the chance to win this great pot! This recipe looks absolutely scrumptious! A nice addition to our traditional fish for Christmas Eve.

Beautiful cooking piece and looks like it works wonderfully too! Great Christmas Eve meatless entree. Presentation is mouth watering! Merry Christmas and Blesse New Year to you and your family. This looks sooo amazingly delicious! Keeping my fingers crossed… I could really use this pot, too. Love Risotto and seafood combinations. They sure picked the right person to come up with a great recipe for it. But then, all your recipes are fantastic! Such a beautiful pot! I would love to make this seafood risotto in it.

Have a Merry Christmas! I get so excited over beautiful cookwear and this pot looks so nice! I think this is going to be one of my Christmas dishes! It looks delicious. I love the looks of that pot! Anxious to try it out! This recipe and fabulous give away is such an inspiration to keep this Irish girl working at perfecting risotto! This pot would be the crowning glory for my RISOTTO dishes…from lunches to dinners and even some brunches, I make risotto as my center piece and this pot is lovely!

I WILL do it justice! Everything looks delish! I adore risotto-even more than pasta.

Dinner for Two: Lobster Risotto

Love the prosecco in the recipe-I also use dry vermouth when making a seafood based risotto. The pan looks amazing. Thank you again for the inspiration! Tried this recipe last night. Delicious , the only way to make it better would be to win the pot! As usual Marie, another fantastic recipe! I will definitely make this risotto. Buon Natale to you and your family. Che bello!!! I made seafood risotto last night. I love the Prosecco touch and with this gorgeous pan I be the envy of my family as I host Christmas Eve for my entire family of now about I would be the Godfather of cooking.

Thank you!! This looks amazing as do all of your creations! I would LOVE to see how great this pan performs! Fingers crossed! This recipe looks delicious! I would love to have this gorgeous pan so I could give it to my friend. She has had an extremely difficult year. Risotto is one of her favorite things to make.

Lobster Risotto

I am sure this pan would help lift her spirits. Thanks for all the great recipes!!!!!!! You make such beautiful dishes and this risotto looks so tasty! It is am and I am ready for dinner! I love the risotto especially when it is creamy and full of flavors! There is always something enteresting to try and they have been delicious! Looks absolutely wonderful. Just may need to rework my Christmas Dinner Menu to include this risotto recipe! Such a beautiful dish you have made! And the pot is beautiful too! Buon Natale to you and your family! Thanks for all of your lovely and delicious posts! I have yet to make a recipe of yours that was not wonderful.

I am making this on Wednesday night! Wish I had the risotto pot!! This risotto recipe looks exquisite as does the risotto pot! Oh I hope i win! Thank you for sharing, and the amazing opportunity to win that wonderful pot!! I would love to learn to cook a perfect risotto in this beautiful pot! I love your blog and always check in for new recipes. To own one of these pots would be a joy! I am off to the fish market so that I can try this delicious looking dish.

Love your recipes.. Beautiful Pot for a beautiful dish! I wish my computer had a smell and taste feature! I have never had risotto it always seemed to be too intimidating to cook.

Lobster Risotto | qipubatasu.tk

I might just have to make this beautiful dish! Merry Christmas to you and your family…. Oh my, this is a pot of sheer heaven! What a holiday treat. Love your recipes and would love to win the Risotto pot!! Your recipes all look so amazing. So glad I found you on Pinterest. Risotto is one of our winter favorites! Thanks for the inspiration! This looks so amazing that I want some right now!! I will have to wait until Christmas Eve.

I just added this to my menu! Happy Holidays!! I made butternut squash risotto over the weekend and it was delicious — but this seafood risotto looks over the top delicious! Will definitely be making this soon. I love risotto more than…. There I said it! Thanks for sharing your tools and your passion! I just love all the recipes that you post. I have made so many and my family really enjoys them, so I thank you for posting them. Thanks to all hour beautiful posts. Marie, I have always been afraid to try making risotto yet I love it and love seafood!

This recipe looks delicious.

I can se that many people want to win this deluxe risotto pot, Marie, and who can blame them? It looks like a beautiful pot to own and that it helps to make a wonderful meal. I already ordered my Maine lobster to prepare for the holiday. Hoe to win this pot! Thanks for the beautiful recipe. Thanks Marie for a beautiful recipe.

I know it will also be delicious. I love your blog Marie, you inspire me to try and cook things I never would have attempted! This looks so delicious I am making it for sure, and the pot is beautiful! That pot is gorgeous. I have not yet perfected risotto, this is just what I need to get me motivated.

We love cooking and eating risotto, love sea food, and enjoy your blog. Winning a lovely risotto pot would be over the top! Love risotto but have never made this variation. Your photography makes me swoon! Thanks for all you do…. I might try this with the fresh seafood medley from Costco. Christmas Eve for sure…anyone make scrungelli?? My mouth is watering just looking at it.

Thanks again, Marie!! It looks like culinary heaven!! I often use prosecco instead white wine with success. It adds a rich sweetness. Looking forward to making this risotto. Just what I need for Christmas Day. My sister wants risotto so badly! This is what I will do! Woooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo! I never even knew there was such a thing as a risotto pot but now I want this badly with your seafood risotto already made in it!

I made the risotto, and it was delicious! Since crab is unavailable fresh on California, instead of Ciappino our traditional New Years dinner … We are going to have your seafood risotto. This recipe is a keeper!!! Marie, your recipes and photos are always so beautiful. I love visiting this site. I will try your risotto for sure. I love the pot too! I might try chambord in place of amoretto cause of the kids and use raspberries in between the layers. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

You are my Cooking inspiration ; not having an Italian Grandmother you are my go to source. One day I hope to master this Risotto you speak of! Your recipes look so good-cant wait to try. Love risotto AND this pot, reminds me growing up, of mom with her wooden spoon…lots of stirring, making delicious risotto…mmmm good!!!! Made me smile. Thanks, Marie! Absolutely Amazing Marie!! I must try this dish this weekend! Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes Marie, and your photography is outstanding! Love your blog!! Merry Christmas!! All of your recipes are out of this world!

I cannot wait to try this one. Thank you and Merrry Christmas Marie!! Wow does that look delicious. I have always shied away from risotto because I thought it was a difficult dish to make. Now I am inspired. Buon Natale Marie—Do you think this would work if I doubled it? Sounds delizioso! This looks SO yummy …. I would love to give my son and daughter-in-law an incredible gift like this.

They both love to cook and I get to enjoy their efforts. Merry, Merry, Christmas! Winner , or not, this will be the recipe I use when I make my lobster risotto for Christmas Eve!! That pot is absolutely beautiful as is your risotto! Love following your blog and have tried many of your recipes.

Have a great holiday! What a beautiful pot, it would look gran sitting next to my spaghetti with crab sauce on Christmas eve! Your site is always a reminder of what my Nonna cooked. Happy Holiday season to you and your family. We love risotto, it make both a wonderful side dish or main dish. Definitely want to get one of these pots!! I love your page. I visit frequently. I would love to have one of these pots to impress my wife by making this risotto. We had one of the best experiences of our lives traveling to Italy and one of our favorite dishes was risotto with marscepone cheese.

We tried it in every city we visited. I have followed some of your recipes and believe you are an outstanding cook. I love your blog, it always inspires me to be a little more creative with dishes I cook. You always find such great ways, especially in the summertime, to incorporate vegetables into dishes that just look irresistible. Marie: Have a Merry Christmas. Thanks very much for your blog. My wife Jill and I enjoy reading it each time and trying some of the recipes. We plan to do the risotto for New Years. Best of everything for you and your family in Your blog is always beautiful and helpful.

That looks Amazing! I cannot wait to make this. Love your website. I have made so many of your recipes.. Just made this tonight! This was easy to follow and the end result was delicious! Highly recommend, I tried with cilantro rather than parsley if it makes a difference. Very excited to try this for our Christmas Eve dinner! I was looking for a side dish to complete our 7!

Trying to continue the tradition with my girls and I am certain I am the only full-blooded Italian named Jackie Chan hoping to win that beautiful pot! Either way, thanks for the great recipe. My passion is food, clear and simple but especially Italian food, hence the name of my blog, Proud Italian Cook. US December 12, by Marie. What a great Christmas gift this would be!

Comments Carolyn says. December 12, at am. I just found three of my seven fishes for Christmas Eve! Thank you for the beautiful recipe! Jane George says. December 13, at am. Lucille Williams says. December 14, at am. Marie says. December 15, at pm. LeAnne G. This looks delicious….

I will have to give it a try!

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And the risotto pot is beautiful!! Karina vu says. Stacey Snacks says. Diana C. Pam Massarelli Schmit says. Erica says. Paula Barbarito Levitt says. Sophia says. The wide rim on this pot is what I have been looking for for my risotto!! I have been looking for a wide rim risotto pot! Beatriz Quiroz says. Rozanne Cupuro says. As with everything you make, this looks delicious! Susan Wyno says. Christine Soto says. Julia Powers says.

Love seeiing my memories remade on your site!!! Italians forever! Katie Myers says. Stefania says. Susan says. Cara Richard says. Mary Alice Bier says. Lynda Fusco says. Colleen LaSpisa says. Love Marias dishes and I would love to make Risotto in this pot! Rita Hummel says. Regi says. Jan W. Rosanne says. December 12, at pm. Teri Beardsley says. Mary Karpetas says. Cristina Zara says. I love seafood risotto!


Will definitely be trying your recipe! Melissa says. That risotto looks amazing, and the pot is gorgeous! I would love to win! Alicia T says. That looks amazing! The pot is beautiful too! I LOVE risotto!! Rose says. I love the idea of using Prosecco for this dish. Jill says. Lori Baranowski says. Sharon W says. Tracey says. That risotto looks amazing, I am going to try making it. The pot is gorgeous too! Gina Dighello says. Vicki Lamm says. Chris Marchese says. Audrey says. Jamie says. Jennie Snipes says. Looks like a great risotto pot. Diane S. Margaret C.

KJ says. Hannah says. Carlin Breinig says. Donald Sciame says. My mouth is watering already, just thinking about making the dish. In my new pot of course! Marnie says. I have been meaning to make risotto and this has inspired me. Suzanne Gordon says. Patty Marascuilo says. Lizzy Hallinan says.

Oh my goodness! I hope I win! Joanne Masek says. This will be on my Christmas Eve menu! I want to make it in that pot!! Twist and remove both of the claws where they meet the lobster body; set the claws aside. Reserve the head and torso. Using a fork, pierce the exposed tail meat and slowly twist and pull it out of the shell in one piece. Rinse any white debris off of the tail meat and set it aside on a cutting board.

Reserve the shell of the tail. Gently wiggle and pull the smaller part of the pincer shell off each claw. Using a seafood cracker, gently crack the claws, remove the meat, and set it aside on the cutting board. Crack the legs, remove the meat, and set it aside on the cutting board.

Reserve the shells from the claws and the legs. Repeat with second lobster. You should have about 2 cups. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce the heat to medium low and simmer for 1 hour. Discard the large shells and strain the lobster broth through a fine-mesh strainer set over a medium saucepan. Set the strained broth over low heat and keep it at a bare simmer.

Add the onion and a large pinch each of salt and pepper and cook, stirring often, until the onion is translucent, about 5 minutes. Stir in the wine and let simmer, stirring often, until all of the liquid has been absorbed, about 2 to 4 minutes. Pour a ladleful of the simmering lobster broth over the rice. Let simmer, stirring constantly, until the rice absorbs the liquid. Continue adding the broth, stirring and letting it absorb, until the rice is al dente, about 20 to 30 minutes you may not use up all of the broth.

Taste as you go for doneness, seasoning with salt and pepper as needed. Taste and season with more salt, pepper, Parmesan, and lemon juice as needed. Just before serving, loosen the risotto to the desired consistency with a little more broth or hot water and serve immediately. Drizzle each serving with olive oil. Load Comments. Recommended from Chowhound.

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