Among the Ghosts

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My wife and daughters have made a big impact on me since getting married almost three years ago, and writing about being away from them fit the song perfectly. The end of a year can be a time for reflection. What have been some of the highlights of for you? She knows what I do and loves to come to shows. Those are special ones when she can be there. Coming back to the U. We paid for this record ourselves and released it on our own label with distribution help from Thirty Tigers and I take great pride in that.

We were on national television in the U.

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We get to go back to Australia early next year and that is exciting. The plan is to play just enough to pay our bills and make plenty of time to spend with our families. And also get back into Sam Phillips and work with Matt some more. Music Videos Lifestyle Playlists. Podcasts Live Shows Store About. Patrick McAvinue, "Der Belsnickel". Header Main Place Ads.

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By Craig Shelburne. Everything Has Changed. Always Been You. Cover Me.

LISTEN: New Album “Among the Ghosts” Released by Lucero

To My Dearest Wife. Long Way Back Home. Back to the Night. For the Lonely Ones. Among the Ghosts Ben Nichols. Bottom of the Sea Ben Nichols. Everything Has Changed Ben Nichols.

Lucero - Among the Ghosts - 10/12/2018 - Paste Studios - New York, NY

Always Been You Ben Nichols. Cover Me Ben Nichols. Loving Ben Nichols.

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Back to the Night Ben Nichols. As with the cover image of Among the Ghosts — a homespun church blurring into reflections of the floodwater surrounding it — the sounds of the new album are deceptively spare, but full of shadows.

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Ghosts has the cinematic sweep of classic Springsteen, but it's a cinema filled with dread and ominous foreboding. It's no great stretch when, near the album's end, Nichols' voice drops out and one hears a noir-inspired monologue by actor Michael Shannon. Not unlike Harlan T. Bobo's recent foray into fatherhood, which resulted in the darkest music of his career, Nichols turns from his new grounding in parental life to cast an eye at the broken world our children will inherit. When Nichols called me from his home in Ohio, he contrasted the bliss of his current life with the brooding songs he's created.

Flyer: It seems your lyrics have become more writerly. Does this grow out of being more of a dad and homebody these days? Ben Nichols: It's kinda like living in the witness protection program. Nobody knows me. We're out here in the middle of nowhere.

We've got a couple acres out in the country. It's all dairy farms and fields, and it's real nice. I don't do anything, I just hang out at the house with the family. I'm happier than I've ever been, but I've written some of the darker songs that we've written recently. Now the stakes are higher. I've got something to lose. I've got something I actually care about. In the past, it didn't matter which direction the world went, but now, I've got a little girl.

And things matter more now than they used to.