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Chaos in Conservative Systems

Or imagine a water faucet being turned on gradually. The water would flow fairly smoothly, with very little variations in the flow. Increasing the flow of the tap tends to increase what fluid mechanics calls turbulence: The seemingly random fluctuations in the flow pattern of the water. Putting the tap on full blast would create a messy, chaotic flow of water, with seemingly no discernable pattern. This turbulence, however, must be controlled by a variety of simple factors: the speed of flow, the pressure of the water system, the atmospheric conditions, the shape of the tap, and the volume of water.

However, despite looking like a simple system, it rapidly becomes unpredictable. Its behaviour, nevertheless, isn't random. It's just essentially impossible to predict. In rare instances, we notice the flow smooths itself out, when all the conditions of the system are at certain values or positions, and a temporary order is produced.

In very basic terms, if you plot this hypothetically infinite number of variations on a graph in infinite space-called phase space-you produce self-completing spirals patterns, called strange attractors. There is chaos throughout the graph except at few, infinitesimally small points, wherein order is found. Throughout the universe, there are systems that, despite being inherently chaotic and unpredictable, tend to naturally become ordered.

They fight against the inexorable entropic increase of the universe-the overall trend of every system to go from an ordered state to a disordered state. Chaotic systems sound like systems destined for disorder and destruction, so where's all this self-organizing, self-preserving order emerging from? One leading idea is that these strange attractors-small periods wherein order forms from chaos cancelling itself out temporarily-exist everywhere, from the formation of galaxies due to initial chaotic instabilities in the formation of the fabric of space-time, to the honeycomb-esque arrangement of bubbles rising to the surface of a carbonated drink.

There are a myriad of examples of self-organizing systems in nature, but a particularly interesting one to me is the three-body problem. The three-body problem is as follows: imagine three moons orbiting a planet. The gravitational forces from the planet keep the moons in orbit, but what effect would each moon's individual gravitational field have on the other moons? If they orbited in a regular pattern, the small perturbations of one moon on the other might gradually pull one out of its orbit and cause a huge impact event as two of the moons crashed into each other.

If the orbits of these four, fairly proximal moons followed a regular, periodical orbit, their orbits would be perturbed gradually by each other's gravitational fields, and they would impact each other. However, mathematical models suggest that this will not happen. As it turns out, the orbital periods of the moons are quasi-periodical, meaning that the orbital patterns do not precisely repeat themselves each time. The inherent chaos of the system, formed by nothing more than easily deterministic gravitational parameters, cancels itself out-a planetary-sized strange attractor-to produce a stable, self-organized orbital system.

Free (Chaos, #6) by Kristen Ashley

Once again, there is order emerging from the chaos. Back on Earth, the near-infinite variables of weather systems across the planet appear stable when looked at from a distance. We call this particular form of chaotic order, this enormous strange attractor, our climate. Life itself is an expression of self-organizing systems: profound considering the unconsciousness of the processes that led up to the formation of life in the first place. But for human beings, the improbable profoundness of chaos theory goes even deeper.

The neurons in your brain only fire in response to another electric signal firing at them. If each neuron represents a self-enclosed one-dimensional object-in a space with billions of one-dimensional objects-then your brain has a hypothetical billion dimensions within it. So when one neuron fires, the path may be initially deterministic, but the cascade of electrochemical transmissions rapidly becomes unpredictable.

Nietzsche's Butterfly: An Introduction to Chaos Theory

From ten billion neurons, or dimensions, a single thought generates a hypothetically infinite number of chaotic paths. However, this process is not random - it is merely chaotic. So what if consciousness itself is a point of time, frozen for examination, within this space? What if your personality is where the chaos occasionally settles, in a strange attractor? Chaos is something that, biologically speaking, can be quite healthy for you or quite dangerous, depending on the organ.

If the electric signals in your heart show signs of chaos and unpredictability, this can lead to a heart attack. On the other hand, an epileptic seizure is nothing more than a pattern of abnormally periodical order in the electrochemical signals in your brain. Either way, understanding that systems are inherently chaotic, despite having simple deterministic variables, is important to coming up with conclusions as to how they will behave in the future. Chaos theory generates another particularly wonderful question: how long is the coastline of Britain? Easy right? Why not just use a ruler to measure the coastline?

But what size ruler do you use? If you made the ruler smaller, and more accurate-it would be able to measure small kinks in the coastline that you previously could not. The overall length of the coastline would thus increase using this smaller ruler. Reduce the size of the ruler even more, and even smaller kinks would be accessible; once again, the total length would increase, and so on and so on. If the ruler were infinitesimally small, the coastline would be infinitely large in size. This is an example of a fractal, another bizarre feature of this bizarre theory.

Fractals are everywhere. The branches of trees have themselves branches that, upon zooming in, would look very similar to the larger branching patterns. The nerves in your body branch out in a similar, semi-repeating way. Cities even have fractal patterns: as they develop, they branch out. When these branches gain enough of a certain critical mass - population, money, infrastructure, etc.

Fractals are ways of seeing infinity. Infinity does certainly imply chaos, but order once again emerges out of it. For example, the global distribution of earthquakes is known to fit a mathematical pattern. This pattern was difficult to see until someone realized the pattern was fractal. And let me ask you this: have you ever considered your life as a form of fractals? Precisely at sundown in the desert of central Arizona, a Navajo woman once asked me, "What is your life like?

Would you give a one-word answer, followed by a shrug? Would you perhaps describe that first person, place or overriding emotion in your mind? You could instead give a much more retrospective answer, taking the last few years of your life into account, rather than delivering a succinct linguistic payload based on the very last thing to occur to you. You could have tripped and fallen, gotten a raise, finally asked someone out, realized you left the front door open, unexpectedly thought of someone you have not seen in years that you either love or hate, failed to remember that boy or girl's name, offended an entire nation, brought peace to a city, finished your masterpiece or ruined it, just realized that the numerical value of Pi looks like the word "pie" when seen in a mirror, discovered you have an imaginary pink rabbit following you around, or, just perhaps, you have recently stumbled across something that everyone on this pale blue dot should find out about.

It all depends on how small you decide to look. Do you look at and consider each tiny individual event and wonder why they happened in isolation, or do you stand back, observe the system, and find your strange attractors, those moments you seem to settle on, and find the order in all your chaos? Chaos theory is a difficult topic to stop thinking about.

After all, even reading this article is generating chaos in both your life and your own consciousness. So if you have ever sat down after a long week, exhausted from deadlines and thoughts and considerations and hopes and regrets, and wondered why your life seems so chaotic, especially in retrospect, you can look far back in time and blame a dinosaur, or a butterfly, or perhaps a philosopher writing his imagination and ruminations on the universe down on a piece of paper.

And when someone in a job interview asks you where you see yourself in five years time, point to chaos theory, and state that you could be anywhere, from joining a travelling circus as a trapeze artist to burying a box on a remote Japanese island. After all, it's scientifically sound to say so. He's currently working on an experimental volcanology doctoral degree in New Zealand, and will be presenting his findings at the AGU conference this December in San Francisco. Visit shrinkinguniverse. Aa Aa Aa.

Email your Friend. May 27, Fish Skin Band-Aids: a natural way to speed wou October 11, The Foundation of Cosmetics. September 19, 30DayGreen Day 2. Talking Rubbish: The Indian September 17, 30 Days of Green: Day 1. Vergere flees in an escape pod after giving Solo a vial of her tears, and Anor's warship is chased out of the system. Back on Coruscant, Master Skywalker uses the tears to help control a Yuuzhan Vong illness contracted by his wife Mara Jade , and Solo, grateful for Droma having saved his life several times, vows to help the Ryn find his family members who have been displaced by the Yuuzhan Vong.

One month later , Organa Solo is on Gyndine evacuating refugees as the Yuuzhan Vong attack the planet. The Jedi Knight Wurth Skidder is fighting on the front lines and intentionally remains on-world, letting himself be captured by the invaders so that he might learn more about their war-coordinating yammosk creatures. On Coruscant, several high-ranking officers of the New Republic military learn of Gyndine's fall and begin making plans to halt the invading war machine.

They convince Organa Solo to travel to the Hapes Cluster and request assistance from the ruling Hapes Consortium , and devise a strategy to lure the Yuuzhan Vong to the Corellian system where the ancient superweapon Centerpoint Station , once operational, can use its destructive power to devastate an attacking Yuuzhan Vong fleet.

The greedy Hutts do just that, spreading news of the Yuuzhan Vong's supposed upcoming targets to the information broker Talon Karrde , who shares it with both New Republic Intelligence and with the New Jedi Order. As an old friend of Skywalker's, he hopes that the Jedi can use the information to keep their relationship with the New Republic strong. In the newly-painted matte- black Millennium Falcon , Solo and Droma begin searching for Droma's family while hoping to uncover information on Roa's whereabouts in the process.

On Tholatin , they learn that a contractor is paying freelancers to transport refugees to planets that the Yuuzhan Vong plan to attack, and that a group of refugees is soon due to be transported off of Ruan. They arrive on Ruan too late to stop Droma's clanmates from fleeing with the freelancers, and Droma, mistaken for one of his family members, is arrested for forgery of official documents. He is forced into labor at a product enhancement facility , but is quickly rescued by Solo.

The two flee in a landspeeder , but Bow , a sentry at the facility, manipulates weather control and sends a tidal wave after them. They are picked up by a Scout Collector controlled by the BFL -series droid Baffle , who has befriended Solo, and who tells them of a refugee ship headed for Fondor. The Queen Mother's husband, Prince Isolder , sways the Consortium's vote in Organa Solo's favor, but she receives a Force vision predicting disaster and too late warns Isolder to reconsider.

Her son Anakin , meanwhile, has been recruited by the New Republic military to help reactivate Centerpoint Station, seven years after imparting his imprint on the station's firing controls. Skidder encounters Roa, Fasgo, and Droma's sister Sapha , and begins telepathically conversing with the yammosk. He attempts to convince it that the Hutts will betray the Yuuzhan Vong, but the yammosk reacts angrily and kills Fasgo. Chine-kal , the commander of the vessel, discovers that Skidder is a Jedi and prepares to offer him to the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah.

He begins to slowly torture the Jedi. Karrde identifies Tynna , Bothawui , and Corellia as upcoming targets of the Yuuzhan Vong, and when Tynna falls , Commodore Brand of the New Republic military manipulates the Senate's Advisory Council into voting to withdraw ships to Bothawui so that Corellia may remain open for attack. Although they are unaware of Centerpoint, Carr and Anor capture Tynna in an effort to mislead the New Republic, actually intending to strike at the shipyards of Fondor.

The Dozen arrives in the Fondor system at the same time as the Millennium Falcon and a Yuuzhan Vong armada, which is forced to strike earlier than anticipated and begins attacking the New Republic First Battle Group. Durron assigns two of his craft to aid the Millennium Falcon in pursuing the refugee ship they are chasing, and the outgunned freelancers agree to turn their prisoners over to Droma and Solo. The Hapes Consortium sends over of their capital ships to aid the New Republic, and join Brand's flagship , the Yald , in traveling to Fondorian space after learning of the attack.

Anakin's brother Jacen is heavily against the re-enabling of Centerpoint, and goes with Anakin to the station. Within, they find their father's cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo , who has joined the effort to get the station operational. Anakin is able to reactivate Centerpoint's systems, but, influenced by Jacen, decides not to fire the weapon.

Sal-Solo seizes the controls and fires the station's powerful repulsor weapon into Fondorian space, but, without the accuracy that Anakin would have commanded, destroys three quarters of the Hapan fleet in addition to half of the Yuuzhan Vong armada. Anor and Carr are shocked and retreat, and the severely weakened Hapans abandon the war to return to their consortium. Nom Anor discovers that the New Republic Senator Viqi Shesh attempted to warn the Yuuzhan Vong about Centerpoint, and travels to Coruscant in disguise to establish a working relationship with her.

New Republic legend Han Solo has been drowning his sorrows in cantinas while his friends and family have been fighting to hold off the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The bitter captain of the Millennium Falcon finds his new companion irritating but is committed to repaying his debt, [2] and it is Droma's companionship that helps Solo realize he can not run from his loss or from his loved ones. Former New Republic Chief of State Leia Organa Solo ' s efforts to find residence for the many refugees displaced from their homes by the invasion are not made any easier by her husband's disappearance and sojourn.

She locates the wayward Solo several times, but to her disappointment, all of her attempts to reach out to him are rebuffed.

The Hapan fleet is devastated at the Battle of Fondor, and the Consortium withdraws to the isolation of their star cluster once again. The spacer Droma is a rogue and a drifter, addicted to adventure. He meets Solo aboard the Jubilee Wheel while it is under attack by the Yuuzhan Vong, and he teams up with the pilot to safely evacuate a group of refugees.

Although their partnership is a temporary and hostile one, they cross paths again aboard the Queen of Empire and become entangled in foiling a Yuuzhan Vong plot to wipe out the Jedi Order. Droma saves Solo's life several times in the process, [1] and he is repaid when Solo travels the galaxy with him in search of his missing clanmates.

As the leader of the Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker is struggling with the idea of actively fighting the Yuuzhan Vong but remaining committed to upholding peace and justice. His wife, Mara Jade, has been afflicted by an illness and is growing weaker, and when he learns that supposed defectors from the Yuuzhan Vong may have a cure, it is an opportunity he cannot pass up.

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Talon Karrde offers Skywalker a chance to improve it, and Skywalker sends several of his Jedi Knights on an investigation with Karrde that has the potential to save innocent lives from the invaders. Unlike Karrde, Skywalker does not believe that the end justifies the means, and he opposes the idea of his Jedi fighting the Yuuzhan Vong if they are motivated by vengeance. The young Jedi Anakin Solo blames himself for Chewbacca's death, and he hopes to repair his relationship with his father.

Han Solo further distances himself from his son, however, and disappears, but he later returns home and quickly makes amends with a confused Anakin before leaving yet again. Unsure of how to proceed, Anakin travels to Centerpoint with his brother Jacen, who convinces him that firing the weapon would be an act of the dark side of the Force.

However, their cousin once-removed, Thrackan Sal-Solo, seizes the controls and fires, defeating the Yuuzhan Vong at Fondor while inadvertently wiping out three quarters of the Hapan fleet. The smuggler Roa ' s wife Lwyll has been claimed as an early casualty of the war.

Her death was caused by the actions of the Peace Brigade, an organization that is cooperating with the Yuuzhan Vong. Solo and Roa's old comrade Reck Desh has thrown in with the Brigade, and Roa thus recruits Solo to help track him down in order to save others from Lwyll's fate. Roa befriends his fellow prisoners and laments the death of Fasgo, whom he believes could have been a friend.

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He is eventually rescued by Solo, Droma, and two Jedi Knights. While accompanying Organa Solo across the galaxy, the protocol droid C-3PO finds himself in the midst of a metaphysical conundrum. In the wake of Chewbacca's death and in light of the Yuuzhan Vong's harsh treatment of droids, he begins worrying about deactivation, immortality , and the thought of memory erasure.

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He seeks a method of indefinitely sustaining his awareness, and is told by Han Solo that his memory could potentially be downloaded to a data storage facility. Ultimately, he is able to detach himself from his aspirations for uninterrupted deactivation, and his fears disappear. While fighting on the front lines as the Yuuzhan Vong attack Gyndine, Jedi Knight Wurth Skidder allows himself to be captured by the enemy in order to learn more about their yammosks. He is also driven, however, by a desire for glory and vengeance for his friend Miko Reglia , who was the first Jedi victim of the war.

The yammosk calls his bluff, however, and the Yuuzhan Vong begin torturing him. Kyp Durron and Ganner Rhysode attempt to rescue Skidder, but he is seconds away from dying when they arrive. The debriefing on Wayland is interrupted by an attacking Yuuzhan Vong warrior , prompting Kalenda and Showolter to discreetly transfer their charges to Coruscant by way of the Queen of Empire.

Aboard, Solo and Droma discover that the defectors are plotting to use an airborne poison to wipe out the Jedi Order, [1] and Kalenda and Showolter fall into disgrace. Talon Karrde helps them restore their reputations by passing information their way concerning upcoming Yuuzhan Vong targets, which they relay to the New Republic's Commodore Brand. A Commodore in the New Republic military, Brand stands alone among his command staff in believing that fleets should be withdrawn to the Core Worlds in order to protect vital shipyards from the Yuuzhan Vong.

He and the rest of command hatch plans to reactivate Centerpoint Station and to bring the Hapes Consortium into the war, hoping to lure the Yuuzhan Vong to Corellia and use the combined might of the superweapon and the Hapan fleet to wipe them out. After learning from Kalenda and Showolter that the Yuuzhan Vong plan to attack Tynna, Bothawui, and Corellia, he convinces Senator Viqi Shesh to vote at a meeting of the New Republic Advisory Council in favor of protecting Bothawui, leaving Corellia undefended and ripe for a strike from the enemy.

The tide of the invaders has displaced many Ryn, and after being separated from their clanmate Droma, Melisma and a few more of her clan end up on Gyndine. They are evacuated by Organa Solo as the planet falls to the invaders and are taken to a refugee settlement on Ruan. There, a group of mercenaries offers to transport them to Abregado-rae if they can forge travel documents. A Jedi starfighter squadron chases their refugee ship to Fondor, however, where Melisma and her kin are rescued by Droma and Solo.

The ever-scheming Nom Anor , Executor of the Yuuzhan Vong, devises a plot to turn false defectors over to the New Republic and wipe out the Jedi Order with an airborne toxin. He, Commander Tla , and Harrar organize several attacks on the New Republic that are intended to further the ruse, allowing Yuuzhan Vong forces to be defeated multiple times. The ruse ultimately fails, [1] but Anor escapes punishment and participates in the Yuuzhan Vong's next project: allying with the Hutts and manipulating them into spreading misinformation to the New Republic.

MAE5790-1 Course introduction and overview

A surprise attack on Fondor that Anor helps devise is ruined by the firing of Centerpoint Station, [2] and although Commander Malik Carr is consequently demoted, Anor again dodges blame. His allies are in the midst of their scheme to wipe out the Jedi, and Carr sees the plan as a ludicrous error. Carr and Anor are manipulating the Hutts, however, and intentionally pass on information that they plan to attack Tynna, Bothawui, and Corellia, believing that the Hutts will sell the information to the New Republic. Carr informs his superiors, Nas Choka and Tsavong Lah, of his plans, which are soon foiled by the firing of Centerpoint Station at Fondor.

Elan is a priestess of the deception sect , and is eager to participate in Harrar's plot, hoping to bring glory to her domain. She and Vergere pose as defectors from the Yuuzhan Vong seeking political asylum in the New Republic, and after boarding a vessel of the New Republic Defense Fleet in the Meridian sector , they are brought to Wayland for debriefing by New Republic Intelligence.

An attack is staged by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, and the two are brought aboard the Queen of Empire , where they are passed onto Han Solo by Major Showolter after he is injured by members of the Peace Brigade. Aboard Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon , Solo and Droma catch on to the deception, and Elan attempts to release her bioweapon into an escape pod.

She dies after becoming trapped in the pod with the airborne toxin. Durron's attack on the slave ship forces Malik Carr and Nas Choka to accelerate their plans to attack Fondor. An ambitious senator from Kuat , Viqi Shesh believes that the New Republic cannot defeat the Yuuzhan Vong, and begins planning for her future accordingly. She passes on information regarding the route that Elan and Vergere will take to get to Coruscant, [1] [13] allowing the Peace Brigade to attack the Queen of Empire at Bilbringi and forcing Nom Anor to stage a battle there.

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The message is garbled along the way, and the invaders are devastated at Fondor. Nom Anor catches wind of her intentions, however, and visits her on Coruscant, establishing a collaborative relationship between the two. Daley used Luceno as a sounding board while crafting the plot, [15] and later consulted him again when writing the radio dramatizations of the original Star Wars trilogy. Luceno attended several planning meetings for the series at Skywalker Ranch , and joined a continuity team [17] that also included author Dan Wallace. He also helped draft and refine the original outline of the series [20] that was submitted to George Lucas , the creator of Star Wars ; [21] Luceno additionally read and commented on the manuscripts submitted by The New Jedi Order ' s various authors.

It was set to take place after Michael A. Luceno's duology was to focus heavily on the character of Han Solo, [15] who had first appeared in the original Star Wars film in However, he took comfort in the fact that Luceno was due to write a pair of Solo-centric novels immediately thereafter.

Luceno center left wrote the Agents of Chaos duology as a tribute to his deceased friend Brian Daley left.