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The chorus and soloist Sarah Nettleton […]. Whitaker Fund.

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One of the most significant themes of the Haggadah, emphasized in my choices of text for the piece, is that we all must experience the story of the deliverance from slavery as if we ourselves had lived through it; we must then tell our children that story so as to pass it down, vividly, from one generation to the next. The piece begins with a chant-like presentation of the biblical verse that instructs us to tell our children the story of the Exodus, and then moves, as does the Haggadah, from the oppression of slavery to the joy of deliverance.

Both versions can either be performed with the instrumental version of clarinet, cello, and piano, or with the piano reduction as accompaniment. Blessings for children, weddings, the Kaddish, the Kol Nidre and the Song of Solomon have inspired composers to write works that deserve a place on the concert stage. A presentation on the story of Verdi's Requiem at Terezin concentration camp, and a performance of my composition "Playing for our lives," inspired by that event.

With drum and dance violin and flute clashing cymbals. Let all that breathe breathe praises! Breathe in psalms breathe out hymns. Breathe and sing and let joy resound within you and without you. Composed for the Yale Concert Choir.

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