Dawn of Redemption

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  4. DAWN concludes her Red Heart trilogy with an enigmatic yet polished dance album..
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Log In Reset. View Cart Checkout. Toggle navigation. Include Gift Message:. Meir Levin Softcover, pages Urim Publications, ISBN : The Dawn of Redemption traces the Jewish concept of individual and communal Redemption through its cosmic antecedents to the role it plays in personal experiences and struggles.


Drawing on classic sources, the author melds private experiences with historical forces, personal destiny and the Divine Plan, and shows how alienation and despair are transformed into exhilaration and closeness to God. Upon the canvas of the Biblical books of Ruth and Jonah, one finds in this psychological, philosophical, and spiritual investigation a profound restatement of the redemptive idea within Judaism and its potential to satisfy and uplift the life of every man and woman.

Many of the essays in this book had been presented as a series on www. In addition, he is forthright about methodology, stating exactly what methodological choices he is making and why he makes them. Levin makes extensive use of rabbinic literature to elucidate the texts of both biblical books, although this tendency is more pronounced in his commentary to Ruth.

This choice means that, in addition to his own considerable talents, Levin has placed the textual, psychological, historical and spiritual wisdom of the entire rabbinic tradition at his disposal, and his commentary is much richer for it The Dawn of Redemption. Levin deserves our attention because, unlike other works on Ruth, he takes this Biblical narrative as a serious historical and nationalist lesson for us, both in terms of a larger perspective and as the frail human creatures that we truly are. The denouement. In a three-act structure, this is the part where all the loose ends are tied up.

The questions that have been posed throughout the narrative are finally answered as the plot builds to an often dramatic and intense finale.

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Often the central character enters Act Three with renewed hope after suffering a crisis of confidence in Act Two. That album saw DAWN explore much darker territories as she wrestled with her identity as an artist and as a person. It was a far-reaching and expansive album, with scant regard for categorization or adherence to genre, demonstrating still further that DAWN was going to do things on her terms. It sees her observing the three act structure, offering a much brighter and hopeful counterpoint to Blackheart.

Once again the album sees DAWN paint with a varied palette, not allowing herself to be straitjacketed by genre.

Redemption by Dawn Richard on Spotify

That said, this is still a much more definable album in that it is a more singular, upbeat dance album, designed for the dance floor rather than nights at home reflecting on the pieces of a broken heart. In part, this is thanks to the club-ready production from Machinedrum who adds pop ready textures and innovative percussion. It acts as call to anyone and everyone to come together as one on the dance floor. The Eastern sounding beats that conclude the song give the song an avant-garde twist.

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Although the album sounds steadfastly modern there are welcome traces of her eclectic mix of styles throughout. DAWN also finds plenty of room for live instrumentation that gives the album depth and variety. In many respects, it feels like a tribute to the purple one himself especially when the Prince-worthy solo breaks on top of the soul wave. Additionally, she openly addresses gay rights and feminism on many of the songs on the album as she cleverly leaves the listener to wonder at the androgynous nature of the lyrics.

There is no sense of exclusivity with the party open to all. While the sound is perhaps more chart-friendly in places, the themes and eclectic instrumentation places her just left of the mainstream, retaining the enigmatic quality that made her so interesting in the first place.

She weaves NOLA instrumentation with contemporary club ready sounds to give the songs real depth and substance. The main criticism of the album is the pursuit of a modern, bright edge with a number of songs tainted with the overuse of Auto-Tune. They are unnecessary and can distract from the majesty of her voice.

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The fear being that whereas, her first two albums had a timeless quality, this sounds locked in the here and now. Overall, this is a satisfying and suitably upbeat conclusion to her Red Heart trilogy. As third acts go it ties things up nicely. Spider-Man: Far From Home is arguably the cutest, funniest, most entertaining comic book superhero movie of the year.

As we head into a brief summer publication break to enjoy the summer sun for a few days, it's the perfect time to take stock of the year in music so far.