Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks

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Rock metamorphism is a geological process that changes the mineralogical and chemical composition, as well as the structure of rocks. Consequently, it is inherent in the term, that metamorphism always is related to a precursor state where the rocks had other mineralogical and structural attributes. Metamorphism, metamorphic processes and mineral transformations in rocks at elevated temperatures and pressures are fundamentally associated with chemical reactions in rocks.

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The transition to igneous processes is gradual, and metamorphism may include partial melting. The term metasomatism is used if modification of the rocks bulk composition is the dominant metamorphic process. Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have developed their mineralogical and structural characteristics by metamorphic processes. This chapter deals with the descriptive characterization of metamorphic rocks.

Metamorphic rocks are derived from other rocks of igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic origin. The compositional variation found in the primary material of metamorphic rocks is reviewed in Sect. Rock metamorphism is always associated with processes and changes. Typical effects of rock metamorphism include: Minerals and mineral assemblages originally not present in a rock may form, the new mineral assemblages grow at the expense of old ones.

Consequently older minerals may disappear e. Metamorphic minerals may systematically change their composition e. The structure of rocks in crust and mantle may be modified e. The intensity of metamorphism and the vigor of metamorphic transformation is expressed by the term metamorphic grade. If for instance a granitic pluton intrudes sedimentary rocks, the resulting contact metamorphic aureole will contain rocks of higher grade close to the contact of the granite heat source and rocks of low grade at greater distance from the granite where the sediments were only moderately heated.

Similarly, in an mountain chain a metamorphic terrain may have developed and is presently at the erosion surface where rock samples can be collected. The rocks contain mineral assemblages that represent the least hydrated state attained during a metamorphic cycle. The assemblages define a metamorphic field gradient see Chap.

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The term metamorphic grade is a qualitative indicator of the physical conditions that have been operating on the rocks. Increasing P—T conditions produce rocks of increasingly higher metamorphic grade. It is a useful term for comparison of rocks within a single prograde metamorphic area but when applied to rocks in different regions, its meaning is not always clear, and the exact nature of the term should be clearly defined.

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The mantle is, with the exception of some small anomalous regions, in a solid state. The ultramafic rocks undergo continuous recrystallization due to large-scale convection in sub-lithosphere mantle and as a result of tectonic processes in the lithosphere.

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The bulk of the mantle rocks, therefore, meet the criteria of metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic ultramafic rocks represent the largest volume of rocks of the planet. Sedimentary carbonate rocks consist predominantly of carbonate minerals as the name implies. There are two main types of carbonate rocks, dolomites and limestones. Volume 41, Number 6. Previous Article Next Article. Book Review December 01, Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks 7th edition.

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