Christmas in Sawyer Falls (Romance Collection)

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As far as this story goes, I had no problem with that. There was an instant connection HOT and real. And to top it off It was sweet, erotic, HOT, loveable, and funny--all rolled into one. This arc was provided by the author for an honest review. Once again, Sawyer amazes me with her ability to open an emotion in me like no other has been able to do! Jack and Hope's story was amazing Christmas Miracle, Fate and perhaps eternal Only You will know if you read this. I did find my tear ducks being well used. Such a wonderful love story Well worth the couple of hours read. I especially, appreciate Sawyer for including the Military hero in a lot of her stories!

An amazing addition to the 12 NA's!!! View all 3 comments. Totally deserved 5 stars I swallowed it in one take I enjoyed it very much This is a romantic, steamy and sweet Christmas story between Jack and Hope. I really enjoyed it. Would recommend it for this month before Christmas. Meeting at a wedding, Hope and Jack have an instant attraction to each other. Deciding to go out of her comfort zone, and knowing nothing will come of it, Hope decides to grab the moment and have a fling, and it is a fling, because Jack is to be stationed abroad in the Army for the next year.

Can they forget each other or will love conquer all? Lovely characters, wonderful writing and lots of sexy time. Enjoyable cute read. Dec 30, C. I really like this novella. I read it twice in a row.

It was a warm little holiday novella. The story starts in the present. This woman named Hope is waiting for this guy name Jack who she met at the same place a year ago. He told me not to wait. The only thing he offered me before he headed off to war was a vague promise that we could meet again on Christmas Eve. At the same exact spot where we first met And we can move forward.

But only if I make it back. Only if I return. The year before, Hope spent Christmas break with her sister Audrey. Hope grew in Florida and she did not get to experience snow so she was excited to see snow for Christmas. Hope ends up stumbling outside of the inn and almost falls but is caught by a handsome young man named Jack. Hope starts out shy and introverted. She is not much for crowds or partying.

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She plans to spend her trip relaxing by the fire with a good book. Audrey thinks that Hope is too serious and wants her to let loose a little on trip and suggest that she find a guy and have a fling. Hope has only slept with one guy her ex boyfriend from college and they dated for almost a year before sleeping together. Her ex was just as studious as her. She described it as nice but nothing earth shattering so she was not eager to try with someone else that is until she meets Jack. Little did they know that it would be a life changing week for both of them. Jack and Hope end up meeting again when she and her sister meet the wedding party for drinks.

They start talking for hours. It turns out that is Jack is a pilot in that army. He has 18 months left his military service and then wants to go to college. Hope has several drinks and loosens up a bit and gains some liquid courage. The night comes to a close and Hope is left with a choice. Neither of them is ready for the night to end. Jack does not expect anything or pressure Hope. Jack is hesitant and tells Hope that she does not seem like a one night stand type of girl. Hope decides to take her sisters advice and have a fling with Jack but it turns into more. Their chemistry was scorching and they were very sweet together.

How come?

His hands come to my face, the leather from his gloves warming my skin. He looks so serious all of a sudden, my pulse starts pushing blood through my veins at Mach 3. Fuck the snow angels I just want to get to the kissing part. Hope and Jack spend just a week together but really developed a deep connection and it was not just about the intimacy. They spent hours talking and really got to know each other. At the end of week they had to part ways and in a few weeks he was leaving for Afghanistan.

He did not know if would return or not. Their time together was precious and fleeting. I might not come back and that's not fair to you. She waits for a year and holds out hope that she will see him again. I thought that was romantic. I was concerned and little worried that he would not make it back. I was getting nervous but everything worked out in the end. I really enjoyed the epilogue. There were some nice surprises in it. I think it was the perfect way to end the story. I was very satisfied with the ending.

It was a lovely little story. Oct 24, Taylor rated it it was amazing. A Christmas Miracle Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a chance on a one-night stand? Have you ever wondered if there could be something more based on one simple interaction? Have you ever wondered if putting your heart on the line was the right thing to do? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped thinking about the "What-if's" and just went for it? Find out what happens when Hope does just that! How did I not know this book existed? Oh my goodness, this was just hea A Christmas Miracle Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a chance on a one-night stand?

Oh my goodness, this was just heartwarming and beautiful! I loved getting to see Hope and Jack take a chance on some Christmas magic. This was a perfect read for a cold night, snuggled up by the fire now I just need a fireplace! Shel: This is the perfect holiday read. It's quick, sweet, and steamy. Our two characters, Jack and Hope, meet at a resort over the Christmas holiday. Neither of them are looking for love or romance but with Hope's sister pushing her to step outside of her comfort zone and Jack instantly attracted to Hope, they don't stand a chance.

Court: I really do too! It was freaky because I am a wee little bit more ready for snow and winter and Christmas. I don't say that lightly because I am definitely a warm weather loving girl Shel: Hope went on this trip with her sister to have some down time away from her studies and to have a chance to frolick in the snow. She's pretty adamant against her sister's demands to have a fling while there and doesn't think there's a snowball's chance in hell it will happen. When she pits herself against her sister, she feels that she always measures up short. Unwilling to totally piss her sister off on the first night there, she agrees to go downstairs for cocktail hour and this is when her life changes Jack, an Army pilot, meets here there and they end up spending that evening talking and getting to know each other.

He offers to escort her to her room after a night of conversation and drinks and things heat up Court: Sawyer Bennett definitely never lets us down on the feels and the steam. And I am crazy impressed how much of both are in this short novella I really was amazed at how much I got involved in their story, especially because of its length.

Hope has some self esteem issues to get on board with, which was interesting and Jack is right there to try to get this butterfly to spread her wings. It was beautiful. Shel: I love these two together and I adore this story. If only she could stretch their story into a full length novel. Obviously by the ending, we can see why it would be hard to backtrack and fill in their story but I, as usual, wanted to read more about these two. I blame Sawyer Bennett and her addictive characters and storylines.

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This is a fantastic holiday read Court: Right! I really wish this wasn't a novella I loved these two Rating: Top Shelf This review and more at www. This novella is short, but packed full of beauty and emotion. I immediately related to Hope and found myself wishing I could find a Jack of my own.

If I Return

This is much more than a Christmas story. It will warm your heart and keep you smiling, regardless of the time of year. Jack Freeman. Who can resist a man who is an Army helicopter pilot, thoughtful, sweet, AND hot in the bedroom?

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Not this girl! Hope Camden reminded me so much of myself not necessarily a good thing Lol so I felt like I understood her. She is introverted, hard-working, would rather read than go out, and feels uncomfortable in social situations. Yep, that's me! Hope's sister, Audrey, is the Maid of Honor in a wedding and invited her to stay the week with her at The Montgrove Inn. Hope agrees thinking that she'll be able to spend the week relaxing. Everything changes after she meets Jack though. Audrey pushes Hope to find her inner wild child and to have a fling with him.

Hope shuts the idea down, but quickly finds out that Jack brings out a new side of her personality. She tells herself over and over that it's nothing more than a Christmas hook up, but she can't help the feelings that start to grow. It has to do with the fact that he taught me how to make snow angels, he called me beautiful, and he talked with me for hours last night because he was truly interested in me. One of the things I loved about this one was how they both had feelings, but also reminded themselves it had only been a few days.

The majority of the story takes place over about a week, but the whole novella covers over a year.

See a Problem?

This made the feelings and ending more realistic for me. I had sort of wistful occasionally interrupted by hot and bothered feelings while reading it. The descriptions of The Montgrove Inn painted such a vivid picture in my mind that it made me wish I were there. Sawyer Bennett really has a way with putting the reader into the moment and location without dragging out the descriptions. Don't act like you've never skimmed descriptions when they get too wordy! This is a very quick read and will leave you smiling! I definitely recommend this one! Damn straight! Jack deserves it.

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I have never read a Sawyer Bennett book that wasn't hot and sexy. This one is no different. Sawyer has writing swoon down! What makes the difference for this book is Jack. I love all the guys that Sawyer has thought up - I do think her military ones have touched me this most, though. Jack is a helicopter pilot in the army. Perhaps it's the military aspects of his personality, but I just love him.

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