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Section of the Ronald W.

Grievances in the Canadian Armed Forces - qipubatasu.tk

Reprisal is taking or threatening to take an unfavorable personnel action or withholding or threatening to withhold a favorable personnel action on a military member for making or preparing a protected disclosure. There are no preconditions for coming to the Inspector General for assistance; however, during normal duty hours, military and Department of Defense DoD personnel must inform the chain of command that they are leaving their place of duty.

They cannot just walk off the job and fail to inform their supervisors where they are going. After duty hours, they may go to the Inspector General without notifying their supervisors.

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Anyone, regardless of status, may make a complaint, allegation, or request for information or assistance to any Army or Air Force IG concerning matters of Army or Air Force interest. Third-party complainants are individuals who provide a complaint on behalf of a Soldier, Airman, civilian employee or anyone else.

Muslim soldier demoted, planning to sue the Army after hijab controversy

The Privacy Act prohibits the release of Privacy Act protected information to the third parties without the consent of the individual to whom the information pertains unless a Privacy Act exception applies that permits disclosure. IG responses to third parties are direct in nature and simply acknowledge receipt of the complaint. The following is a list of issues that are typically not appropriate for the IG, however, anyone can contact the IG regarding the issues below:. If the Soldier, Airman or family member is associated with a unit not deployed, they can still contact the State Family Program Office.

The trend is unusual

It seems Jawans in India have armed themselves with a new weapon: social media. The Indian armed forces have recently been hit by a string of scandals with a number of soldiers posting allegations and grievances against authorities on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Making a service complaint

One can safely say that there is a definite trend among jawans of voicing internal complaints publicly. This kind of public display of dissent is highly unusual and often frowned upon in the Indian army, not unlike most armed forces across the world. In fact, most of the jawans who recently posted videos on social media have faced some form of censure or disciplinary action such as transfer, or remand. Army Chief Bipin Rawat has also recently announced that soldiers found posting complaints on social media may face serious punishments as it lowers the morale of other soldiers.

These are essentially complaints on issues such as promotions or career related matters.

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There is also a provision for soldiers to write directly to the Army Chief in case of grievances if they do not wish to complain to their superiors. They can register informal complaints: Besides the official paperwork route, there are also informal ways to solve problems. According to a senior official currently serving in the army name withheld upon request , official complaints are usually the last step followed by jawans. Depending on circumstances, unit-wide meetings called 'Sainik Sammelans' are conducted, which are attended by everyone part of the unit including the jawans and the Unit head.

Jawans are informed about their tasks and their complaints are heard and addressed by their immediate senior and other officials, " the official told ScoopWhoop News over the phone. Experts call such incidents "aberrations" which can be expected in an army of more than a million. An Army official told ScoopWhoop News that in many cases these complaints were due to personal vendetta or the jawan's inefficiency.

There are so many units in the country, with thousands of jawans. How many of them complain?

WhatsApp number issued for soldiers to make direct complaints to Army chief

There will always be some who cannot fit in, or cannot cope with the grueling training sessions and working conditions. Sometimes, if a soldier wants a transfer or discharge, he might resort to something like this ," he said, adding that those who resort to these tactics are usually the 'defaulters'.

A retired war-veteran who served in the Indian army during the China War asserted that the army works differently than other organisations.

11 things new soldiers complain about in Army basic training - Military Insider

This fad of posting things on social media is just a way for some soldiers who cannot fit in to find an easy way out. But it does not work like that. The army is not like other organisations in the world. There are proper channels of grievance redressal in place and jawans need to follow that ," he told ScoopWhoop News.

However, a former senior member of the Ministry of Defence feels the redressal systems may not always fulfill the role they are intended for.

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According to him, no matter what the complaint of the jawan is, it has to go through the unit's Commanding Officer. Even letters sent directly to the army chief are rerouted to the CO for authentication.

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The statement corroborates the tale of Lance Naik Yagya Pratap of the Army's 42 Infantry Brigade in Dehradum, who featured in one of these accusatory social media videos. In the video, Pratap claimed that he had written to the Prime Minister about ill-treatment of soldiers in his unit, and alleged harassment by his superiors after the PMO ordered an investigation based on the complaint.

No investigations, according to him, were carried out. I myself see sahayaks walking the dogs of their superiors or taking their kids to school.