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Others may be desperate for attention or struggling with thoughts and feelings of suicide. Peer pressure probably accounts for a lot of the occasional use of ketamine that's been noted, but not for more excessive use: when falling into a k hole is actually the goal of taking ketamine. Some users do not willingly take ketamine but have it slipped into a drink as a date rape drug. Some drug users, particularly those who use drugs to self-medicate feelings of depression and alienation, seek out feelings of disconnection and dissociation by using drugs that have these effects.

“A ghost in daylight”: drugs and the horror of modernity

In some respects, users feel they can at least "control" the experience of changing their uncomfortable feelings. For these people, a k hole is a kind of oblivion that gives them a temporary escape from the world. Research has shown that heavier ketamine users tend to be more depressed than occasional users. If you have been trying to escape negative feeling through taking drugs, consider talking to your doctor, or even someone on your local crisis line, about medical and non-medical ways of treating depression.

It is important to know that there are many effective and much safer ways of treating depression. If you have been through significant trauma, such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, or if you are struggling with feelings of guilt or emptiness, there are also therapies that can help you. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. There was an error. Please try again. Thank you, , for signing up. Rosenbaum S, Palacios J.

StatPearls Publishing. Pharmacol Rev. Paliperidone for the treatment of ketamine-induced psychosis: a case report. Int J Psychiatry Med. Brain damages in ketamine addicts as revealed by magnetic resonance imaging. Front Neuroanat. Stirling J, Mccoy L. Quantifying the psychological effects of ketamine: from euphoria to the k-Hole.

Subst Use Misuse. Detecting ketamine in beverage residues: Application in date rape detection. Drug Test Anal.

K Hole and the Awful Effects of Ketamine

Profiling the psychotic, depressive and anxiety symptoms in chronic ketamine users. Psychiatry Res. More in Addiction. Basics of Ketamine Special K. Risks of Ketamine Hypotension and heart rhythm abnormalities Slowed or depressed breathing Seizures Irreversible brain damage Abnormal movements Date rape. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Email Address Sign Up There was an error. What are your concerns? Article Sources. Garish ugliness can very effectively make any number of points.

These images look like Warhol silk screens of people who never got their 15 minutes. Appropriation without recognition is like a dust jacket without a book. The Photolucida Critical Mass Top 50 CM50 is an opportunity to see work from a very large number of talented photographers. Among the photographers in the final Top 50, selected from hundreds of entries, are some that educate us on how photography can be used for an expression of who we are and challenges we face, both internal and external.

While there are too many to write about, five created a voice in images that have matured through repeated visual experimentation. Looking beyond the submitted portfolios, one found artists who kept working and re-working a concept embraced in a challenging subject. Frederic May, we learn to more deeply appreciate the arresting images that hold our eyes to a message they wanted us all to consider. What is difficult is showing and sharing that relationship to others in a meaningful way. Each image is a statement on an aspect of a domestic situation which Carroll models into both still photographic images and video.

We do not actually see the person under the fabric. Clearly the body, real or mannequin, is meant to be symbolic of women in challenging situations. One might argue more broadly that any gender of person can be trapped in a life that they or others construct for themselves. So, these vignettes can be applicable to anyone as no facial identity is revealed. An affluent society. She is dressed more formally than one might expect. The books and book shelves are collapsing around her. There is a disorder in this life, and we notice an unusual, seemingly hand drawn picture of a woman with a less than perfect figure in a partially open book on the floor marked by a pair of glasses hanging on the page.

There is both a sense of someone waiting, bored, but educated. Her own description of the Anonymous series from the Photolucida Critical Mass Top50 site3 gives the viewer a perspective on this work.


Obsessing and perfecting home life with its objects, decoration, and activities fill a void of futility, and invents usefulness beyond caring for family or career. The manicured suburban lawn is the living display of this cultural myth. She wanted a tactile feel and dimensional visual expression to her images.

Adding material to an image has been done before. For example, similar techniques can also be seen in the work of Iris Hutegger and Elene Usdin. However, Font uses these materials to a different purpose from other artists. Her materials replace part of the image, layering onto a recognizable photographic image. The body is in a very neutral position. The pose is calm with lips that lack emotion. In choosing a black and white image of the visible body, this person becomes more of a stage for a performance by the materials that Font chooses.

The head is replaced by a very geometric arrangement of multiple colored threads. The arrangement of the patterns extend well beyond what we would expect the normal size of the head to be, implying perhaps that her thoughts are exploding on the inside. That explosion imagery might mean a call for help, or of frustration or a need for self expression. Because the threads are shown in such an organized manner, we do not have a sense of violent expression, but something more systematic.

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We do not know what she is thinking about, but the use of multiple colors, expanding well beyond the size of what we would expect her head to be, might imply complexity and deep thought. When compared to others in the series, this image conveys the most calm and control of thought - a woman in control. Growing up in Argentina, she was exposed to constant conversation about Freud and psychoanalysis. Perhaps that is why the pose of the model is very clinical, shown as a naked body in black and white - covered by materials that are very colorful.

The body, almost as if laid out in a morgue for examination, is in the same pose in most all the images. If not a full frontal body pose, it is the repeated use of a head and shoulders image. Much of her work seems to connect a part of the body to another or a focus on a part of the anatomy or organs via the non-photographic materials added. Some of the material, like the gold leaf, according to Font, was used because over time, and exposure to light, the material changes, as we change both mentally and physically with time.

A DMT trip 'feels like dying' - and scientists now agree - BBC Three

In some, the head is covered in gold leaf like a crown; in others, multicolored thread explodes from an eye or mouth, or a geometric pattern replaces where we would normally see the top of the head, as a metaphor for the brain. At the same time, the viewer is invited to contemplate as to what the images may mean, for themselves. While other artists may be more focused on external evidence of our selves, Mental Maps is an exploration of the internal workings in our minds, versus an outward physical expression through objects.

Imprinted was a series also commenting on the state of women in society. And, we learn that a photograph is not the end in itself. Artistically, a photographer can extend their ability to express themselves using more than one media as Font has done here. Unlike Carroll and Font, Nicolo Sertorio6 is photographer concerned with our relationship to our external environment.

My Disturbing Hallucinations

In turn, the perception of the natural environment as something external drives our uses and abuses of resources. Sertorio is a visual storyteller. Like Carroll and Font, he has been deeply engaged over a number of years and portfolios in exploring a subject in depth. In this case, our relationship to our external environment. And in so doing, we perpetuate our disconnect: nature as something external, to exploit, and at our service. We work against nature instead of within it. Past their time so to speak. Peregrinations seems to be a beginning of these works illustrating a care and concern and appreciation for the natural environment in a positive image presentation rather than an evidence of its demise and infringement in the series above.

In this series, Sertorio makes use of diptychs. Two images that alone would not tell a story as well as both seen together. Visitors in that room, and us as viewers, appreciate the beauty of that mountain landscape. The other image is a pile of rubble. Together, Sertorio lets the images tell a story. It is a story that questions how, on the one-hand we travel to see and enjoy natural vistas, and on the other-hand, engage in a destruction of our environment in the name of profit and development. Dotan Saguy8 has a very different approach to his images, but no less an artistic journey.

Unlike Patty Carroll who constructs and stages her work in a studio, or Marina Font, who adds materials to her images by hand, Saguy is out on the streets photographing. He adds nothing to his images nor does he delete anything. Where Carroll and Font are inwardly reflective, Saguy is a photographer who has a keen interest in people and their environment, the story behind who they are and what is happening at the moment of capture.

We see several buff and deeply tanned young men engaged in different activities.