Cure for the Common Church: Gods Plan to Restore Church Health

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What is the goal of the church? | Biblical Leadership

God's answer begins with you. Something is not quite right in the local church. Many Christians see the symptoms of decline in fellowship and spiritual vitality. If health and life are indications of growth, their congregation is not well. Unfortunately, the ailing church is becoming the common church. Professor and church growth consultant Bob Whitesel has written Cure for the Common Church to offer potent and proven cures to foster health in their local congregations.

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By thoughtfully examining Scriptures, he applies truths through real-life experience from his years of consulting. Questions for group study also help members explore and discern together how to become a healthy force in their church.

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Cure for the Common Church will fan the fires of change and bring health, vitality, and new life to your church! View what others have said! Do you know that not until Apostle Paul was converted and became one of the apostles that the social status, social influence, and social growth of the early church changed?

What is the goal of the church?

The economic condition of a church is not measured by the amount they contribute every service alone, but by the amount of working class and mostly GIVERS among them. Growth requires giving, not just wishing. The early church was a giving church….. Acts ; ; ; ; 2 Cor. The members of the early church were owners as well as givers. They gave internally locally and externally globally.

This cannot be accomplished through the Holy Spirit and anointing alone. For churches who are interested in reaching others, it is important to understand the power of technology. Every church needs a website for disseminating the information about the church, Facebook, twitter, email, and so on.

Other modern techs that are needed in the church are standard PA systems wireless mics , visual projection HDTV, projector screens and so on.

By structure I mean, organization and environment. Nothing grows in an unstructured, unorganized, and disordered church. Our Lord is a God of order.

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He does things orderly. Even Paul said in 1 Cor. The size of the church does not determine its growth. Rather, it is the way things are done that matter. How you plan and organize your church is one of the key factors for growth. How are things positioned? Is the inside of the church neat or clustered?

What about the outside of the church, is it well kept or messy? What about parking…….? Is your service boring or lively? How long do you keep people in the church during any and every program? Whenever you allow the Spirit to control your time by keeping people unnecessarily, your church cannot grow or attract new members. The freedom of the Spirit is an ordered freedom Read 1 Cor. No church grows alike….. However, major things have to be done.

There is no church that cannot grow. Your church can grow….. It depends on your attitude and mentality. You must have faith……but you must add to your faith, knowledge.

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Cure for the Common Church: God's Plan to Restore Church Health

The healthy church. Ventura, CA: Regal Books.

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Your church can grow. Whitesel, B. Cure for the common church. Related Papers. Daddy thesis. By olumide emmanuel. By Saw Thunderbolt. By van sanders. By Leadership Management Services.