Technology in education: An essay about pros, cons and challenges

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Has the potential to lower textbook and tuition prices With resources more accessible and in great abundance, the cost of textbooks is likely to decrease.


It is also possible that students may no longer need to buy a textbook, if it is converted into digital format. Tuition will also decrease when learning is done online, rather than inside the classroom. By taking out the factors that contribute to a higher tuition fee, such as utility bills and transportation allowance of teachers, the overall cost of education will be lower. Allows teachers to create an exciting way to educate students Gone are the days when the only tools for teaching are limited to books, a blackboard or whiteboard, and a chalk or markers.

With technology integrated to education, teachers can now incorporate images, videos and other graphics when delivering lessons. Specific websites, apps and programs will also enable teachers to vary how they provide instructions. This creates an exciting learning environment and promotes interest in education in general.

What is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Why Should Teachers Care?

Other tools available for teachers include Smart Boards interactive whiteboards , email Skype, and PowerPoint. Encourages development of new teaching methods Rather than spend an hour or so talking while the students listen, or have them read an entire chapter in silence, teachers and professors now have the option to use advanced teaching methods, such as podcasts, blogs and social media.

When working with a particular group or one-on-one, teachers can take advantage of web conferencing technologies other online communication tools. Technology also presents universal tools that enable teachers to educate all types of students, including those who are struggling or have special needs. These include voice recognition, text-to-speech converter, translator, volume control, word prediction software and other assistive technologies.

Results in a lack of interest in studying Because everything is now accessible online or through data saved in a computer or mobile devices, students are likely to develop poor studying habits and a lazy attitude towards education.

Pros and Cons: Debating the Usage of Digital Devices in the Classroom

Some of them may even think they can skip school because they can find answers and lessons online. Who needs teachers when you have internet and Google, right?

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This can also lead to students forgetting the basics of studying. They would rather rely on computers and the internet, instead of their books and the input from their teachers. Most of them will misspell words because they often use spell checkers.

Technology And Its Effect On Education Essay

Rather than solve mathematical equations the traditional way, they would seek assistance from computers or look for the answers directly through search engines. When it is time to take the tests in the classroom and without any form of technology, students are likely to fail. Makes students vulnerable to potential pitfalls While computers prove to be an invaluable educational tool, it can also be a source of problems. Technical problems and computer malfunctions can cause loss of assignments and other materials, resulting in high levels of stress that students would rather not experience.

Add to this other things that they will discover online, which are completely unrelated to school and education, and they will be distracted to no end.

Technology Advantages And Disadvantages.

Negative views on technology Consumerism has taught us that technologies, from computers to mobile devices, are widely viewed as tools to entertain rather than educate. Textbooks, on the other hand, are seen as tools for learning. May 10, April 25, April 7, Your email address will not be published. Artificial intelligence in pharmacy, and will pharmacists be replaced by robots?

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