The Journey Of Discipleship: The Road Less Traveled

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  • The Journey Of Discipleship: The Road Less Traveled.
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As For Others Our beliefs are best illustrated through our actions. Best is yet to ComeYour best life is just over the horizon.

Narrow Path Bible Verse - Matthew

Best is yet to Come Your best life is just over the horizon. Daily BreadLiving today. Secure in tomorrow. Daily Bread Living today. DenialIf only three were the limit! Denial If only three were the limit! End Of The RoadThe future looks bright ahead. It is choosing to go the second mile, to give rather than receive, not to be angry with your brother or sister, to bless those who curse you, to forgive one another and not to judge or worry.

The majority of people are not blessing those who curse them, much less even trying to do so. Though my assessment may seem harsh, this is also true of many Christians. Some have speculated that only 10 percent of a given congregation actually intend to obey these kinds of commands.

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Jesus is not being mean; he is being honest. As human beings we are naturally drawn to that which is easy.

Due to the fall, we are also living in a darkened world with darkened minds. The road of self-absorption leads to a paltry journey at best, and at worst it is the way to destruction and ruin. Surrender and obedience to Jesus are difficult. In addition to its being difficult, it is also a road too few Christians even hear about. Dallas Willard often said he never attended a church that had a well-designed, intently pursued plan for making disciples of Jesus.

It is often untried because it is unknown. We cannot enter into the kingdom unless we take up the cross.

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If that were true, wouldn't the path into heaven be wide? Although the walk of faith is replete with rewards, it's not always a comfortable road.

Deeper Discipleship

Jesus spoke these words to prepare us for the reality—the ups and downs, the joys and the sorrows, the challenges and the sacrifices—of our journey with Christ. He was preparing us for the hardships of true discipleship. The apostle Peter restated this reality, warning believers not to be surprised by painful trials:. Christ's teaching about the narrow gate is meant to be practical, not dogmatic. Many scholars believe it would be a mistake to think Jesus was implying that God has destined the majority of people for hell. Those who find the narrow gate must search for it deliberately because it isn't obvious or easy to find.

The broad path, on the other hand, is the popular route. But, no matter how many people we observe choosing the broad road, it is vital that we stick to the narrow one. Our steps along the narrow road may be lonely.

  • Why the Narrow, Difficult Road Leads to Life.
  • Why the Narrow, Difficult Road Leads to Life.
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The initial step involves a drastic reversal of everything we have known in life. From there forward, the path includes a daily surrender of our natural self-centered tendencies. It's no wonder the road is less traveled.

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  6. One of the early church's greatest preachers, John Chrysostom said, "The narrow path is unattractive by nature but becomes easy when we choose to follow it, because of our hope for the future.