Lost Sheep Story (See and Say)

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Why do you think some people decide to live this way?

Parable of the Lost Sheep

How do you think the father felt while his son was gone? How would you feel if someone in your family acted like the prodigal son?

Sample Bible Lesson for Children

Be sensitive to children who might have family members who are not keeping the commandments. What did the prodigal son do to get food when his money ran out? Why do you think the son decided to return to his father? What kind of master was his father? How did the father feel when his son came home? What did he do for his son?

Faith Matters: Parable of the lost sheep

How did the older son feel when he learned that his younger brother was home? Why is it important to continue to love family members who disobey the commandments? What did the father promise the older brother? What example did the father set of how to treat those who have sinned but have repented? How do you feel when you see someone repent and turn from wrong to right? How should we treat people who have not kept the commandments but who are sincerely sorry? You may use one or more of the following activities any time during the lesson or as a review, summary, or challenge. Have the children think of ways they could help a less-active child.

Parable of the Lost Sheep Bible Story Summary

Answers could include being friendly, being a good example, inviting them to Church activities, doing things together, and so forth. Ten-year-old Joshua Dennis went with his father and others to explore an abandoned mine.

The Lost Sheep story 3D

He was careful in the mine but became separated from the other boys and was lost in the dark without food or water. When the others realized he was missing, they started searching for him immediately. After a while hundreds of people came to look for Joshua. Thousands of others fasted and prayed that he would be found safe. An expert who knew the mine heard of the search and volunteered to help. Discuss the difference between being physically lost and spiritually lost.

Explain that we must work just as hard to rescue those who are spiritually lost as those who are physically lost. Play Search and Find.

Ask a child to think of a place where he or she could get lost and write it on a piece of paper or whisper it to the teacher. Is it in the mountains?

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Is it under something? Help the children understand that it takes time and effort to find someone who is lost, especially someone who is spiritually lost. Help the children memorize Doctrine and Covenants Share with the children your belief that Heavenly Father loves each of his children and that we are all important to him. Emphasize that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to help those who are lost come back to them. Suggest that the children study Luke —32 at home as a review of this lesson.

Picture , The Prodigal Son Click here for additional stories, activities, and media resources. Home ChurchofJesusChrist. Materials needed: A Bible or a New Testament for each child. Invite a child to give the opening prayer. The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin Why was the shepherd so concerned with one sheep out of a hundred or the woman with one coin out of ten? The Prodigal Son What does prodigal mean? Have you ever felt really bad for something you've done? Maybe you've hit your brother or sister and afterwards you wished you hadn't. When you really feel sorry for something and tell that person you are sorry, that is what we do when we repent.

Just like with our family we need to feel bad and say sorry to God when we've done something wrong. The Pharisees and tax collectors didn't think that they had to do this because they were so important. Of course Jesus knew what they were thinking, so he told this parable:. Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine sheep and go find the one sheep until he finds it?

And when he finds it, he is so excited he carries the sheep all the way home. Then he phones all his friends and neighbors and has a party to celebrate the sheep that was found. Just imagine, when you say "your sorry" to God all of heaven has a big party just for what you've done! God is much more excited when we say we're sorry than when we act like nothing has happened and don't think we need to repent at all.

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  6. But you know, Jesus just kept going and he told another parable. Listen and see if this sounds like something you've already heard. Suppose a woman has ten dollar coins and loses one.

    Matthew 18:13-15

    Does she not turn on all her lights, sweep the whole house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls all her friends and neighbors and has a party to celebrate finding the lost coin. Just like the lost coin, there is great joy with all of God's angels over one sinner who repents.