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It should be noted that 1 Corinthians itself does not say when tongues were to cease. When did this cessation of tongues take place? The evidence of Scripture and history indicate that tongues ceased in the apostolic age. What biblical or theological evidence is there that tongues have ceased? First, the gift of tongues was a miraculous, revelatory gift, and the age of miracles and revelation ended with the apostles.

The last recorded miracles in the New Testament occurred around A.

From A. Miracle gifts like tongues and healing are mentioned only in 1 Corinthians, an early epistle. Two later epistles, Ephesians and Romans, both discuss gifts of the Spirit at length—but no mention is made of the miraculous gifts. By that time miracles were already looked on as something in the past Heb.

Apostolic authority and the apostolic message needed no further confirmation. Before the first century ended, the entire New Testament had been written and was circulating through the churches. The revelatory gifts had ceased to serve any purpose.

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And when the apostolic age ended with the death of the Apostle John, the signs that identified the apostles had already become moot cf. Second, tongues were intended as a sign to unbelieving Israel 1 Cor. They signified that God had begun a new work that encompassed the Gentiles. The Lord would now speak to all nations in all languages. The barriers were down. And so the gift of languages symbolized not only the curse of God on a disobedient nation, but also the blessing of God on the whole world.

Tongues were therefore a sign of transition between the Old and New Covenants.


With the establishment of the church, a new day had dawned for the people of God. God would speak in all languages. But once the period of transition was past, the sign was no longer necessary. For tongue rolling in cattle, see Vacuum activity. For the movement disorder, see Tardive dyskinesia. Retrieved 26 January Categories : Facial expressions Classical genetics Human population genetics Genetics stubs. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata All stub articles.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. What is his point? Simple: Prophecy involved a message from God in a language everyone understood. The message conveyed in tongues was intelligible only to those who understood the language. Remember, all the languages a tongues-speaker used were Gentile languages. Hebrew was the Jewish language, and Aramaic was a first-century variation of Hebrew.

All other tongues were Gentile languages. The fact that God would give inspired truth in a Gentile tongue was itself significant. At Pentecost it was remarkable enough to hear the disciples speaking in languages that were not their own. But to the first-century Hebrew ear it would have been equally amazing to hear them proclaiming truth about Jehovah in Gentile tongues.

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That is something no true Israelite would ever do. Jews in first-century Israel often spoke Greek, of course, because that was the common language of commerce. Some of them also spoke Latin, and many other dialects. But when they came to the Temple, when they rehearsed the wonderful works of God, or above all when they prayed, they prayed in Hebrew, because that was deemed the language of God and His people.

The gift of tongues changed all that. For the first time ever, inspired truth was revealed by God in languages other than Hebrew.

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  • This in and of itself was a remarkable sign, not only to the unbelieving Gentile hearers, but also to the unbelieving Jews. And for the unbelieving Jews, it was a sign of judgment to come. His primary meaning, then, is that tongues are a sign of judgment against the unbelieving Israelites and a token of divine grace to the Gentile unbelievers who hear the message in their own tongues. That was the primary significance of the gift of tongues.

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    It is wrong to allow the church service to become chaotic.


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