Hebrew Survival Guide Part 2-Speaking Hebrew is Easy (Hebrew Survival Guide- Part 2)

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More passionate than dogmatic, the book pursues the why and the who and the where much more actively than the how. The guide even deals with issues, the ones we all know are there, in a clean and well-intentioned way. Take its section on depression, for instance. In our synagogue, the common reaction had always been to stay far away from those people until either A they made their kitchen kosher, invited us all over for a meal, and their food is really really good, or B they flipped out and never come back to the synagogue again. They stop wearing sexy clothes, going to the health club not that there is anything wrong with exercising, they just tend not to make time for it.

All told, Aiken has an exemplary understanding of the baal teshuva lifestyle — its stigmas, its problems, and its strengths. Maybe the problem is ours. Jewish organizations like Aish HaTorah and ArtScroll have made things as complicated as expressing the inalienable concept of Oneness of the Lord as simple as a colored chart and an easy-to-follow prayer script. Once a name for sinners who repented, ba'al teshuvah now describes a Jew who returns to Orthodoxy — or becomes Orthodox for the first time.

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. Join Our Newsletter Empower your Jewish discovery, daily. Description : A dance school running for over 10 years, with classes in stretch, contact, ballet and modern. Classes for all levels in a religious environment. Performances and choreography competitions throughout the year.

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Improvisational Dance. Aerobics, Gymnastics, a nd Rhythmic Gymnastics. Martial Arts.

We run courses throughout the year both at our Jerusalem branch and at schools throughout the country in: Karate, Judo, Budokon, Yoga, Taekwondo, Capoeira and Kickboxing for teenage girls. In addition we are proud of our self-defense and IMPACT workshops that teach teens a range of physical, psychological and verbal skills for coping with many forms of assault.

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Contact Information : Avi Schneider , avi toradojo. Taekwondo for 6th graders and above. Judo for 5th graders and above. MMA Martial Arts for up to 8th grade. Nin Jisto age 12 and above. Contact: www. Many of you will have volunteering requirements in your high school and therefore the school is responsible for placing you in an appropriate position. However for those of you who do not have this requirement, below please find a small list if wonderful organization that would be very happy to have your help. The 60 hour training course takes place periodically throughout the year.

Description : Working with children with special needs. Mainly afternoons. Volunteers can join a certain course or workshop as long as they oblige for a minimum of 4 months. The activities are a lot of fun, but also a chance to discover a whole new world about disabilities and disabled children integration, as well as an opportunity to make new friends among the other volunteers.

Language shouldn't be a problem! Description : Help younger children who are new olim with academic, social, or cultural difficulties. Modiin: Noa Vinik amen modiin. Contact the mantas for more details. Jerusalem, Israel. Contact Information : Tel: Contact Information : , volunteers hazonyeshaya.

They are excited to accept volunteers of all ages. Ulpanim- Education.

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Your Aliyah counselor or the ministry of absorption should help you find the appropr iate school and Ulpan to meet your needs. Here we have listed an Ulpan specifically for teens in Jerusalem as well as an educational consulting service specifically for Anglo families and an alternative high school to receive your GED.

She also publishes handbooks to assist the search and continues to provide private counseling educational services. Michelle works closely with parents, teens, health care professionals, and educators for successful school placements and to create innovative interventions in schools. The program includes preparation for a High School diploma, an Ulpan, Limudei Kodesh classes, a complete course for the Psychometric examination, as well as extra-curricular activities.

Social Services. Hopefully your Aliyah process will be smooth and enjoyable. However, if you or someone you know finds themselves needing extra support, below please find a list of organizations and hotlines that will give you the support you need or will direct you to someone who can. Ages: 18 Language: English Website : www. Description : Based in downtown Jerusalem, the Crossroads Center provides comprehensive support services to English-speaking teens adapting to life in Israel. There is also online emotional support through e-mail correspondence and on-line chat. This is open from 6 pm-midnight seven nights per week.

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Location: Dr. Contact Information : Tami Elmaliach , olimhelp gmail. O ther. Below please find a number of interesting activities that did not fall under any of the other categories. Perhaps you may find an activity that will meet you needs here! They can connect through email and letters before arriving, and will be invited to social programs together after aliyah. Through its one on one big brother and sister program Yedidim has had the privilege of helping many youth through their struggles with aliyah, school, social issues and with difficulties at home.

Description : Once a month this group gets together and goes on an overnight field trip around Israel with the goal of learning about the local history and natural environment. Go on tiyul which focuses on geology, zoology an history. There is a course for grades for army preparation. There are also courses on web design, music, recording and DJing. Army and Sherut Leumi National Service. Every Israeli citizen has a legal obligation to serve their country when they reach the age of 18, through either army service for sherut leumi. Men generally serve in the army for three years, while women serve for 2 years.

Those who choose instead to do their service through sherut leumi due to religious or medical reasons serve for either one or two years. Many youth who make Aliyah find enlisting and being involved in the army or national service to be a very intimidating process. Below are a number of programs and organizations which will help you to navigate the enlistment and enrollment process and provide you with support throughout your time of service.

The process includes 5 seminars throughout the year in which the participants learn about their duties in the army and their rights as citizens of Israel, as well as create supportive relationships with peers who will share this experience. The seminars are in Hebrew, so basic knowledge of Hebrew is necessary. If you join Garin Tzabar, you may be eligible for a special incentive package through Nefesh B'Nefesh. After registering for the army which includes bringing a letter of acceptance by the institution in which you are studying , you continue with your studies.

During your vacations, you will do basic training and some type of reserve duty. Only upon completion of your studies will you do your regular service. Mechinat Keshet Yehuda is a pre-military religious Mechina post high school educational institution located in the Golan Heights and is one of the most respected Mechinot in Israel.

This Mechina also offers a Pilot Year Program that will help you decide the right option for you before committing to anything. The Mechina offers a full range of Torah classes both in Hebrew and English. Most of the graduates from program make it into top IDF units. Sherut Leumi is voluntary national service that takes the place of army service. Israeli citizens who get an army exemption and non-Israeli citizens who volunteer are both eligible.

Sherut Leumi gives young women an opportunity to get intensive exposure to a number of professional environments in Israeli society. Most are Hebrew-speaking environments, but English speakers are rare commodities whose skills are greatly valued. Sherut Leumi offers programs in a wide range of fields. Applicants are interviewed and matched by placement organizations to appropriate positions according to their skills, interests and needs.

Each placement organization works within specific fields, so it is advisable to choose a field of interest, and then to find the placement organization that works within the chosen field. They are all from North America and each have previous experience working with Jewish teenagers.

They are very excited about the publishing of this guide and hope that it aids with the integration process of the teens who use it. E-mail info aaci. Best of luck in the years to come, we hope you get a lot of use from the guide. Baka - 3 Yissaschar Street, , www.

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Neveh Ya'akov, Har Nof - 60 Shaulson. Teen Contact- Devorah Hartman, ex. Sports contact- Shlomit, ex Modiin - Teen Department- , noar modiin. Page Up Art, Crafts, and Music Activities Many of the activities listed below take place in community centers around the country, while others are in private studios or with private teachers. Contact: Ori Gottleib Page Up Libraries The libraries here are included in the guide because they all have large English selections.

Can take 2 books at a time for 2 weeks. Call before coming. Motzei Shabbat Mall opening Website : www.

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Contact : Shoshi, Description : A dance school running for over 10 years, with classes in stretch, contact, ballet and modern. Description : martial arts with a Jewish approach. They meet once a week for a couple of hours. Tutoring program — teenage volunteers teach on a one-on-one basis the kids of our families. The volunteers can give as many hours as they wish.

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Food distribution program — teenagers collect food for us in the schools, outside supermarkets and door to door. Poster hanging — we need as many volunteers as possible to hang our publicity posters a few times a year around the neighborhood. Due to the fact that the majority of our families are Chareidi, the volunteers for nos.

Page Up Ulpanim- Education Your Aliyah counselor or the ministry of absorption should help you find the appropr iate school and Ulpan to meet your needs.