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However, it is important to make sure that there is critical mass in every group so that lone members of a particular social category e. For example, in a class that has four women and four groups, instead of placing one woman in each group, consider putting two women in two groups. Students who have worked together effectively in groups before may be more likely to work together effectively again. Before students are placed in groups, you can ask students if they have worked effectively with classmates on previous group projects.

If you want students to focus more on the product than the process of group work, this may be a relevant characteristic. For example, an extraverted student may seem like a natural choice as a group leader for running group meetings. However, an introverted student who is detail-oriented may also be an effective group leader for ensuring that other group members are on schedule. If one of your course goals is to help students develop the skills required for different roles, consider assigning or encouraging students to choose roles in which they have less experience or proficiency.

Microsoft Project - Full Tutorial for Beginners [+Overview] - 13 MINS

You can consider any of these characteristics, as well as others, when composing groups. There are also several software programs e. You also need to decide who has the responsibility for selecting group members.

7 Starting a Project

This responsibility can be viewed as a continuum between instructor-selected groups and student-selected groups. However, this homogeneity may not support the learning objectives of the project. As a hybrid approach, you might allow students to select their own group members within particular constraints e. You can also solicit student input before composing the groups yourself—for example, asking students to complete a short questionnaire about their competency in relevant skills or if there are interpersonal issues with classmates that would prevent effective group interaction.

Because students may withdraw from the course or you may allow groups to dismiss non-contributing members, you should develop a contingency plan in case group membership changes during the project. Consider in advance what alternative work is feasible for groups when a member withdraws from the course, as well as for individual students who have been dismissed from their groups.

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How can I compose groups? When deciding how to compose groups for a project, you should: Decide how to configure groups. Decide who has the responsibility for selecting group members. Develop a contingency plan in case group membership changes during the project. Decide how to configure groups There are two main factors to consider when configuring groups: Size. This 2 hour workshop will demonstrate some of the key features of using Windows 10 on a Trent staff imaged workstation on the campus network. This is a great tool for collecting and managing electronic form data from campus constituents.

Some possible uses are event or program sign ups for various campus activities and administrative workflows. Qualtrics is Trent's recommended cloud survey platform for all members of the university community.

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With this application you can create, distribute, analyze, and report your survey results. The collaboration features make it easy for you to build and share a survey with peers inside or outside the university. This 1 hour introductory workshop will provide the quick essentials to get you started creating and publishing your survey projects for academic research or other data collection activities.

Zoom is a collaborative cloud-based web and video conferencing product that can support a maximum of 50 connected participants simultaneously in a meeting. IT Supports connectivity via the Internet for mobile devices, laptops PC and Mac , phones and video conference room systems. Participants can share their desktops for viewing, annotating, and control by others in the meeting. If your meeting may or will require an external participant to dial-in for audio only, Zoom can also accept phone-in participants. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize.

7 Starting a Project – Project Management for Instructional Designers

This self-guided tutorial will describe the methodology for creating training videos at Trent. This service offers a broad selection of training topics for eveyone. Content viewing on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is also supported. This introductory vendor video will demonstrate all the key features you will need to get the most out of this service from navigation, course topics, searching, bookmarking, managing playlists and sharing favourite videos with colleagues. Note: The recommended method for Trent employees to access Lynda. This introductory training will cover the essential features of YuJa for lecture capture, desktop capture, playback, Blackboard integration, live stream and video management at Trent.

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Upcoming Collaborate Workshop. This session will talk about the dangers of the cloud and how cloud providers work.

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  • Project Management Skills for Instructional Designers: Workbook Image at Mighty Ape Australia.
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  • Topics will include how to measure security with a cloud vendor, data backup and recovery in the cloud, and the changing landscape of cloud environments. This training session will explore how to use the tools and applications at Trent University to share sensitive information safely. This hands-on workshop will detail the science behind and the how-to on encrypting all your devices, so you can protect the information they contain.

    The Information Security Expert program is designed to provide training and resources to employees around the university to help them become security experts and champions in their own departments. To complete the program and earn the Information Security Expert Badge, you must complete the following requirements:. To register for the Information Security Expert badge, please contact it trentu. IT Training Calendar Topics include: Reviewing Email Putting Views to Work Getting Organized with Folders, Search and Categories Automating Actions Viewing time: 2 hours 7 minutes Office Workshop This is an introductory 2 hour workshop for staff and faculty to get you up and running with the basics of Office for Education cloud services.

    Topics covered include: What is Office ?

    Project Management Skills for Instructional Designers

    Topics covered include: What is Sharepoint? Understanding SharePoint Roles Logging on to Sharepoint Team sites: The basics Navigating in a team site Searching in Sharepoint Viewing all site content Using a library Using a list Opening and saving documents in a library Adding a library or list app to your site Working with calendars Using Check In and Check Out Uploading and creating documents in the library Sharing documents internally Sharing documents outside your team Editing your profile Level 2- SharePoint Workshop This 2 hour in-class workshop will cover the basics to get you up and running with Sharepoint at Trent.

    Prerequisite: Sharepoint - Level 1 Topics covered include: Accessing Sharepoint via myTrent Setting time zone Uploading files with the web interface Renaming, deleting and downloading files Organizing files in folders Sharing files with internal and external colleagues Checking your team site storage usage Creating and editing a Word document online on your site Saving a Word document to a team site folder Using a team calendar in Outlook Level 3 - Sharepoint Web Publishing Team Sites Workshop This 2 hour workshop will cover some of the web publishing tools and techniques available for team sites.

    Level 3 — Word Mail Merge in Depth online Mail merge is a great time saver for automating customized documents as well as distributing them. Topics covered include: Choosing the right Project edition Creating and saving projects Setting up calendars Creating individual and recurring tasks Linking and timing tasks Assigning tasks to resources Viewing your data differently with sorting, grouping, and filtering Fine-tuning the project schedule Understanding baseline, schedule, and actual values Reporting on the project status Sharing projects Viewing time: 5 hours 5 mins Level 2 - Advanced Project online This video course teaches more advanced aspects of the project management software, first introducing powerful shortcuts for opening and saving files, and then moving into assigning resources, managing project costs, and setting up earned value tracking.

    Viewing time: 5 hours 18 minutes Skype for Business Up and Running with Skype for Business online Skype for Business is the enterprise version of Microsoft's popular conferencing and communication application. Viewing time: 1 hour 35 minutes Windows 10 Windows 10 Workshop Microsoft Windows 10 is the operating system standard currently used on IT managed workstations.